Top notch pickin' and two voices that blend like tea and honey


Here are some demos of the first six songs we are working on for our first duo album:

  • Bubble Gum and Candy: named by Hamp’s mother; this is one of his many instrumentals.
  • The Best Place to Be: Hamp co-wrote this with our friend, Brenda Freed.
  • Winfield Fair: I was playing at a nursing home. When the physical therapist came to take a woman to therapy, he asked her husband if he’d like to stay and sing. They were both my best singers, but he stood and followed behind and stated adamantly, “Wherever she goes, I go.” The chorus was written before I got to the car.
  • Long Long Time: Written when I was fortunate enough to have car trouble and got stuck waiting with nothing else to do. It hadn’t rained in forever, but the gray clouds were gathering.
  • Love Lives Inside: Hamp wrote this for a church service at the Unity church in New Braunfels.
  • Strawberries: This song was written and recorded before my mom passed on, but I never was satisfied with the last verse. A few months after she passed and the story had continued, I was finally able to write the last verse. This is the new recording.